Brainwave Discovery is dedicated to the discovery and development of new drugs to combat Alzheimer's Disease. To find out more about our technology and partnering opportunities please email us.


JSW Life Sciences is well known as a leading CRO for CNS drug development. The availability of the most predictive disease models and unparalleled experience with studies performed for biopharmaceutical companies of all sizes turn JSW into the first choice for most research needs. Validated transgenic and non-transgenic in vitro and in vivo models cover most targets of AD, PD, HD and other neurodegenerative diseases.

Parkure is a UK company with the mission of finding a cure for Parkinson's disease. We focus on repurposing previously safety tested drugs, providing a direct route to the clinic and reducing the cost burden of drug safety testing.

InKemia has as objective to generate knowledge of high technological value for the chemical, pharmaceutical, biotechnological, cosmetic, nutraceutical and related industries. Knowledge that is commercialised through the generation, promotion, development and sale of products and services of high added value, is the key element of InKemia's business development.

Understanding how the brain works represents one of the greatest challenges in modern science. The goal of the FLiACT programme is to train young researchers in the concepts and techniques necessary to study integrated brain functions. FLiACT is a pan-European training network interconnecting 8 academic partners and 3 small companies (SMEs) specialised in complementary fields of research from molecular and behavioural neurogenetics to electrophysiology, bioengineering and biomedicine.

SynSys stands for 'Synaptic Systems'. SynSys aims at molecular analysis of synapse function and dynamic modeling. The perspective is to generate a blueprint for the discovery of novel pathways and targets that enable rational strategies to design therapies for human brain disease.

MINIMAL The consortium has been developed for complementary expertise, resources and approaches. The consortium's joint expertise in experimental biology and computational modelling, coupled with a commercial sector high throughput facility for drug discovery, represents a key asset in the delineation of abstract principles governing memory-based decision making and the organization of behaviour.