Brainwave Discovery is dedicated to the discovery and development of new drugs to combat Alzheimer's Disease. To find out more about our technology and partnering opportunities please email us.

Brainwave Discovery Technology

Challenges in modern CNS drug discovery

Pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies need to get more CNS drugs to market to meet rapidly growing demand. These issues are even more critical for indications that require long-term treatment such as neurodegenerative disorders, or the creation of complex genetic models where multiple genes need to be manipulated.

What does Brainwave Discovery offer collaborators?

BrainWave Discovery specialises in high throughput behavioural assays for chemicals acting on pathways in human Alzheimer protein triggered neurodegeneration. We introduce the human protein into special strains, so that changes in behaviour due to the action of candidate drugs on this model human Alzheimer's system are detected as changes in behaviour compared to exact genetic controls. Drugs showing beneficial effects can then be studied in more detail in cellular and molecular contexts and in other model systems prior to selection for human trials.

What are the benefits of Brainwave-Discovery's approach

Our approach is fast, cost effective and relevant to human Alzheimer's disease. We offer the highest available drug testing throughput in a humanized system with a living brain with strongly conserved synaptic structures.

Our system is ideally suited to a primary screen for multi-thousand sets of compounds, including compounds previously used in other indications, and compounds selected for actions on pathways predicted to be involved in the Alzheimer's disease process.